Abalone Dots

TheAbalone Dotsstory was in many ways irresistible. First of all, we shared the same musical influences. Secondly, they seemed to me as very talented musicians, playing my own favorite instruments (guitar, banjo, fiddle, upright bass) and performed beautiful harmonies. And thirdly, they got the best looks in their bag.

So, naturally I didn’t hesitate to follow in their wake when they took off to Washington for a performance at the Swedish embassy and, the day after, flew to Nashville for a promotional showcase. There I had the opportunity to meetAl Perkinsand David Z, who had worked with my heroes from the 1970s –The Eagles,Gram Parsons,Emmylou Harris,John David Souther. Perkins played dobro and pedal steel guitar on two tracks on Abalone Dots´s new album, David Z produced the sessions. I also haphazardly ran into Robert Reynolds,The Mavericks´sbass man, as well as some other heavy hitters in the US country-and-western scene.

Unfortunately, Abalone Dots couldn’t perform at my 50th birthday party due to other commitments. Cool red-haired violin player Elin Mörk later left the band, which I still repine.