Beata Söderberg

This is a favorite of mine, for many reasons. The story took me and photographer Andreas Lundberg to Buenos Aires, where I’d never been before. And while I was at it, it also took me to Uruguay and Montevideo for a fashion shoot on the beach.

Anyway, SwedeBeata Söderbergis unique because she is probably the only female tango musician and composer outside Argentina who has been not only awarded accordingly in the land of tango, but also allowed to record her albums in the late tango maestro Astor Piazzola’s own studio.

We had some memorable days together, following Söderberg at home, at work, at play. The only drawback was the gastric problems both me and Lundberg suffered from. I can still remember the solomillo I had to leave on the plate efter just one tiny bite. And that was in the land of tenderloin!