Björn Borg

The assignment was pretty enjoyable. We had a new department in Scanorama, called ”The Lunch”, inspired by a vignette in Financial Times. We tried to chose people that had something important to say, with enough life experience to be interesting for the SAS passengers. That would obviously take some mileage and the first to accept our invitation was Björn Borg, the former tennis world champion and a legend in his life time.

I had met him once before, in the mid-80s when I made my years of hard struggle as a news reporter for the tabloid press. My boss ordered me to break in his dinner at a night club and ask if the rumor was true – that he and his then girlfriend Jannike Björling were going to get married. I felt totally ashamed but the boss assured me that if I didn’t do it I needn’t bother to show up at work the next day. In other words – he would fire me. So, I asked the stupid question.

I don’t think Borg recognized me when we met at Teatergrillen, a classy eatery in Stockholm. And I didn’t remind him of the embarrassing encounter 25 years earlier. So we had quite a pleasant three-hour-lunch and were later joined by his wife Patricia.

Borg challenged me in arm wrestling, a fight he persisted I won. But, then again, maybe the old Champ couldn’t perform at his best after three bottles of wine…