Caribbean Cruise Comedy

My first intention was a story about the making of Pirates Of The Caribbean. I wanted to visit the most spectacular venues where the movie was filmed, and I scrutinized the production company’s extensive day-by-day report from the screen shots. Which beaches, which caves, which bays had been used as backdrops? I wanted to go there. The story I had in mind was something like ”in the wake of captain Jack Sparrow”.

It was an impossible task, of course. A naïve dream that just wouldn’t – couldn’t – come true. Too complicated, too expensive.

So, instead I went on a regular two-week Christmas cruise one of those enormous ships that frequent the Caribbean –the Galaxy. Not the same ballpark, sure, but a nice and relaxing sojourn in balmy climes.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist the temptation of reporting my impressions in Scanorama.