The Striking Viking

This was the only time I took active part in a photo scam. We followed Swedish pool ace Ewa Mataya Laurance for a few days in Las Vegas, and that was a thrill in itself. Laurance proved to be heavenly aimable, and I admit I had an itsy-bitsy and totally innocent crush on her, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you don’t believe me, check the former Playboy Bunnie out at herweb site. Just join the line.

Anyway, we failed in our attempts to drag her out to the desert for one of the pictures, so Andreas Lundberg took a shot of the two lane highway that crosses the Nevada plains and a separate picture of Laurance in a plastic (!) cowboy hat that we bought in a souvenir shop and her own pool cue case. Andreas then did a nice job in Photoshop.

We also wanted to photograph Laurance in a showy vintage American car for the cover, but the only one we found had a motor that didn’t run. So we had to push it in place on the parking lot and arrange it by pure manual power.

But the final result does not give any of this away. It all looks pretty authentic. If you don’t look too close…