Green issue

In May 2008 we took Scanorama to a higher level by dedicating a complete issue to Scandinavians who are committed to make the planet a better place. We portrayed them in their true environment all over the globe, highlighting Danish Lone Drøscher Nielsen (you clicked on the cover under ”Portfolio/Scanorama”) and her admirable work to help the poor little orphant orangutans at her rescure center in Borneo.

It was an extraordinary challenge to gather and photograph top-notch personalities from all walks of life who work to protect endangered species and dedicate their lives to reduce the greenhouse effect and its consequences. Oh, and we also adopted Kesi, one of the hairy young orphants, in cooperation with the international Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

Photographer Christian Åslund took the cover shot – Drøscher Nielsen, still suffering from some jungle disease that had knocked her out for a period, cuddling with one of her protégés. It is a picture driven issue and the other extremely talented photographers who contributed included Per Morten Abrahamsen, Thron Ullberg, Mattias Klum, Knut Bry, Marcel Liliënhof, and Pontus Höök.