Hollywood issue

Scandinavians in Hollywood. Now, why hadn’t anyone come up with that idea before? In a full-portfolio we presented the first-ever pan-Scandinavian editorial approach on La-La-Land, a theme issue featuring Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Finns working with Hollywood movies – in Los Angeles or elsewhere. Our team, Swedish writer Gunnar Rehlin and Danish photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen, traveled to Cannes, New York, Boston, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Copenhagen, assisted by the editorial headquarters (me and my fellow editors and art director) with the coordination, booking plane tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars. The whole shebang took more than one year to complete and was crowned in late April 2006 with release parties in Stockholm and Los Angeles.

One entry in one of Swedens major dailies, Aftonbladet, said: ”How does a major Scandinavian airline cope with problems such as pilot strikes, delayed departures and ungrateful passengers complain about the service? And when the airline, on top of that, loses a billion SEK? Well, one way to do it is to employ an editorial office that assigns a top photographer and work like hell to produce a thick glossy magazine in English and profile all the Scandinavians who, in some function, succeeded in Hollywood. That’s what SAS did. Exclusive Scanorama is fun to flip through.” The comment didn’t quite get the whole picture, but it was a nice remark that Scanorama came better off than its employer.

To make the issue vibrant, we wanted the readers, or anyone, to follow our work in detail – every effort, every new achievement. So, we went cyber  (mind you, we’re talking about the very childhood of blogging) and it’s still there on the internet, called ”Scanorama goes to Hollywood”.Check it out, might be fun to read.

The 3-page (the first two shown here) black-and-white pull-out cover was one of Per Morten Abrahamsen’s masterpieces.