James Patterson

When I readPostcard KillersI couldn’t believe the crap that world famous bestselling authorJames Pattersonco-wrote with Swedish bestselling crime novelist Liza Marklund. But nonetheless, Patterson is one of the most successful in his genre and executes an interesting way of creating his stories.

So when I got the chance to visit him in his Palm Beach home in Florida I didn’t really hesitate. That is, I had some doubts of the purpose of profiling him in Scanorama, since he’s more of an advertising guy than a true author. He’s a one-man industry, working simultaneously on 20 plus novels, each and everyone a potential blockbuster and a Hollywood film script. One the other hand, that’s what makes him so interesting.

And combining the interview with a few days in Miami, for a 5-page guide (”Perfect Miami”), and a few days in the Florida Keys with my lovely wife, made the trip one of my most memorable ever.