Jonas Åkerlund

”I was five minutes late for our meeting, but it would have made no difference if I had been on time. Jonas Åkerlund was on the phone to Mick Jagger, for the fifth time, declining a request to make a video for the Rolling Stones.” That’s how my profile on the most wanted music video director in the business begins. In the late 1990s, Åkerlund was still accessesible to a fairly unknown writer like myself. It may have helped that we worked at the same production company some 10 years earlier. Today I probably wouldn’t stand a chance sneaking my way in his busy, star spangled schedule; unless he, for some odd reason, wanted me to ghostwrite his memoirs. But then again, I might just be too busy myself.

Watch Åkerlund’s two most controversial music videos, Metallica’sTurn The Page, and Prodigy’sSmack My Bitch UpThey’re as X-rated as a music video can be…

Photographer Micke Lindström took the pictures.