Linnea Johansson

This young Swedish professional totally blew me off the water guiding me through the Big Apple and telling me all about how to throw a spectacular party.Linnea Johanssonis (or was in 2008) the hottest gala planner in event-crazy New York, counting Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Julianne Moore and Sienna Miller as well as the major lifestyle brands among her clients. These are some of the odd tasks she has landed: spraying a company’s logo in gold on 1,000 white roses, turning the New York Zoo into a party venue for 4,000 guests, and building a belvedere and a fake castle in Central Park.

NY-based photographer Pontus Höök caught her in full party attire, complete with a 3-olive Dry Martini with Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline as the perfect backdrop.