Pia L’Obry

Being alone in the Atlantic, enduring nature’s violent forces, would scare the wits out of anyone. But blonde, freckle-spangled Pia L’Obry is more concerned about wounds in her behind than the risk of colliding with a supertanker, or a sleeping whale. I met Sweden’s most fearless yachtswoman in La Rochelle, France, where she was based, preparing for the hazardous adventure Mini-Transat race from La Rochelle to Bahia, Brazil. I spent three exciting days in her company, crowned by a trip out to sea and the old Pirates-of-the-Caribbean Fort Boyard between île d’Aix and île d’Oléron.

Photographer Joachim Lundgren persuaded L’Obry to put on a survival suit and pose floating on her back in the not so crystal clear harbor waters.