The last harbor

My dad died in March 2005. It was a serious stroke that finally got him. A year later I wrote this piece, and it kind of served a therapeutic role. Frazing it was part of my mourning, and helped me getting over my loss. Still, years after his death I´m having recurring dreams of him. Most of the time we’re onboard Blåtunga, always in deep trouble. Navigating wrong, hitting underwater rocks, what have you. And I tell you, he’s not always in a good mood. As much as I know that he loved me deeply, he’s still the demanding father I’m having trouble coping with. I guess we never really reconciliated in that regard.

Scanorama’s then art director Annika Sundström took the great pictures to support my story. We also used a part of my dad’s old nautical chart and an old portrait of him, doing what he loved the most – cruising the archipelago.